Dilli Series Sea Power Seminar 2018
Fifth Edition 


11-12 October 2018

Located at Ezhimala, in the Kannur district of the state of Kerala, Indian Naval Academy (INA) is amongst the premier armed forces institution of our country. It is through the hallowed portals of the INA that all officer-trainees joining the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard pass, in their progression to join the officer-corps of their respective service. The academy follows a system of holistic training that caters to the physical, intellectual and socio-cultural development of each cadet. In preparing its trainees for the myriad challenges of military leadership that they will encounter at sea, on land, in the air, as also in both ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ (cyber) space, the INA actively promotes academic and professional excellence.

Named after the historic Mount Dilli located within INA premises, Dilli Series Seminar is conducted at INA during Autumn Term every year, with an aim to expose young trainees to the vibrant maritime history and arouse in them a curiosity that will motivate them to explore further. However, after conducting four editions of this Seminar on various maritime history topics, need was felt to provide adequate exposure to cadets on the significance of sea power for a nation, which is felt necessary for the future naval officers. Keeping this requirement at the milieu, the seminar has been rechristened as ‘Dilli Series Sea Power Seminar’ under the banner theme of ‘The Significance of Sea Power’.

The theme of the fifth edition of the seminar to be held at INA on 11-12 Oct 18, is ‘Geopolitical Impact of Sea Power’. Papers are invited from serving as well as retired officers, academia, and cadets on the following sub themes. 

Selection of Papers
  • Only selected papers shall be presented during the Seminar.
  • From the remaining papers received, the papers with requisite quality and content will be published in the Seminar Proceedings/Compendium.
  • Authors of selected papers will be intimated post scrutiny of papers.

Instructions for Authors

Soft/Hard copies of synopsis (250-300 words) and final paper (3000 to 5000 words) in Aerial Font Size 12, saved as  “MS Word 97-2003 document” along with the author’s biodata and passport size photo are to be forwarded by post/e-mail at inaseminarnavy(at)nic.in by 30 Jun 18 and 15 Jul18 respectively.

Contact Details
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Faculty of Basic Sciences and Humanities                                                                        
Indian Naval Academy
Ezhimala, Naval Academy PO                                         
District: Kannur, Kerala- 670310
Telephone/ Fax: 04985-225084

To download Dilli Series Seminar mobile app contact IT Dept INA(04985225295 ext 21) or mail us at ina(at)navy.gov.in