Drill is the bedrock of discipline. It is not ease to carry out movements together as a group. It requires consistent and dedicated training. Drill to a cadet is more than just marching in the parade ground. It forms a part of his character, something that remains with him throughout his life and that separates him from the rest of the world. Once drill is internalized and your body is accustomed to the discipline, it becomes more like a relaxing meditation than hard work, and your mind can wonder. Retrospectively, it feels to some like they no longer find it hard... it is hard, but, they have become accustomed to the hardness. All Naval drills including sword drills are taught to cadets from Ist to VIIIth - Term as part of their training curriculum.

INA has the Pereira Drill complex housing two drill Sheds and One Parade ground to carry out the training. Here in the Indian Naval Academy special emphasis is given in drill and discipline in a cadet.  The Parade ground serves the purpose of all the ceremonial parades that are held in a term and most importantly and the most sacred of all - The Passing out Parade.