The INA training envisaged equitation as part of the trainee’s curriculum since Jul 2011. Presently INA has an equitation facility with 18 horses to conduct the training for II, III & IV terms INAC cadets including clubs. The cadets are also being trained for participating in National Equestrian Championships.  Special thrust is given to Dressage, Show jumping and Eventing. To inculcate the attitude of adventure spirit amongst the trainees, cadets are encouraged to take part in adventure sport activities such as riding. Horse riding is an essential part of training of the cadets of the Indian Armed Forces. It is an important tool for character building in the trainees as they learn to control an animal, overcome fear and develop qualities of patience, the right temperament, presence of mind and perseverance.  Also the training has obvious physical advantages such as balance, coordination and fitness. Effective communication, trust and loyalty are further positive lessons to be learnt in the process of horse riding. Equitation Facility of the INA include:-

  • All weather riding school
  • Portable dressage arena with markers
  • Cavellati Set
  • Portable Cross-country obstacle set
  • Circular Jumping lane