MI room was initially commissioned on 06 Apr 05 to meet the medical needs of ships company and DSC personnel. Presently, MI room comprises of two medical officers and six medical assistants. It is a six bedded non dieted MI room. Though initially commissioned for Ships Company, due to growing needs of INA, MI room has been catering the medical cover of all the cadets of INA. It also carries out induction medical examination, annual medical examination including immunisation and release medical boards.
MI room provides medical cover to all outdoor activities of the cadets including Cross country, Camps, Sea swimming, Firing, Inter Squadron competitions and indoor activities like boxing and swimming.
MI room is adequately equipped with all medications and medical equipment needed for treatment of sick parade and emergency cases. An Air conditioned heat stroke room is present to treat the cases of heat exhaustion and heat stroke due to strenuous physical activities. Minor OT is maintained for carrying out basic surgical procedures. A Pathology lab for conduct of blood and urine investigation is also available.