Best Intellectual Infrastructure
The Indian Naval Academy (INA) is on the path to become a ‘World-Class’ Academy with the best of both, physical and intellectual infrastructure. The lean, but fully-qualified academic faculty, comprising uniformed officers of the Indian Navy and UPSC-selected professorial cadre officers, shape and nurture the minds of the cadets with great diligence and commitment, imbuing in them the scientific temper that will, over the next several years of their service to our great nation, act as both, an enabler and a very significant force-multiplier. In addition, a large number of eminent professors form IITs/IISc are engaged as visiting faculty for undertaking specific modules of the curriculum during every term. The academic instructors at INA are broadly divided into three different Faculty, viz., Faculty of Mechanical Engg, Faculty of Electronics and Communication Engg and the Faculty of Basic Sciences and Humanities.

‘Anytime Anywhere’ Learning
At the INA with a fully networked campus and a fully functional MOODLE based Learning Management Software (LMS), the cadets can access all the required study material like course templates, topic templates, presentations, e-books, e-journals, online magazines, other training resource materials and the internet 24X7 from anywhere in the campus, including their cabins. Cadets can follow the lessons, download study materials, participate in discussions forums and submit assignments through the LMS.    

Association with IITs and IISc
INA has signed MoUs with many technical institutes of national repute in the region like IIT Bombay, IIT Madars, IISc Bangalore, IIST Trivandum, etc., for academic and research collaborations. The association includes conduct of lectures and capsule courses by eminent professors from these institutes, faculty exchange programme and participation in events like tech fests, etc.

Dilli Series Annual INA Seminar
In preparing its cadets for the myriad challenges of military leadership that they will encounter at sea, on land, in the air, as also in both ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ (cyber) space in future, the INA actively promotes academic and professional excellence by exposing the cadets to in-depth discussion on a chosen topic of Maritime History flavor during the annual INA seminar called Dilli series, conducted every year in the month of October.  

World-class Laboratories and Workshops
Practical knowledge has always been the bedrock of any good education system and the Indian Naval Academy is no exception. In order to facilitate the practical knowledge and ‘hands on’ experience in multiple engineering concepts and fundamentals to cadets, INA has more than state-of-the-art 50 laboratories and workshops. The laboratories at the academy have also been augmented with various additional training models and training aids relevant to the Navy. Few such facilities are listed below:

  • Two life expired Gas Turbines from IN Ships.
  • Models of Brahmos, P21 and Dhanush missiles
  • Dhwani underwater simulator

INA exploits the National Knowledge Network (NKN) and the online web based National Programme on Technology Learning (NPTEL) to stream quality technical videos, lectures and lessons from IITs and NITs. These lessons are available to cadets not only in class rooms but also in their cabins through the Academic LAN. Cadets also utilise the virtual lab facility on this platform.

The Panini Library
The INA reference library named after the ancient Sanskrit scholar ’Panini’ is the nerve centre of all academic pursuits. It is a centre of exhaustive digital and conventional knowledge resources, conceived and created to ignite and sustain intellectual inquiry. The ‘Panini’ library is a centrally air-conditioned facility with more than 30,000 SqFt of area. The library has a large collection of books and subscribe to over 130 journals and periodicals. The library is completely automated with KOHA Library Management Software integrated with RFID tagging of books. The library provides seamless access to information with dedicated internet and intranet bays. All the library resources and the online catalogue is integrated with the Learning Management System over the academy network, thus facilitating a ‘Anywhere Anytime’ access to these resources. The library is operational on Sundays and Holidays for convenience of cadets and staff at the academy. The academy also has three dedicated Faculty libraries which provide all requisite textbooks to the cadets for their BTech/MSc curriculum.