In addition to academic subjects, all cadets including NOC(Ext) and NOC(Reg) are extensively trained in Naval Subjects. The training in naval subjects provides the cadets an insight into the roles of Navy, life and challenges at sea, leadership models, conduct of an officer and familiarisation with sister Services. The Naval Subjects are classified into three different pools namely Navigation, Communication, Leadership and Divisional duties.


Navigation is taught to all cadets at the Academy with greater emphasis on the cadets of the Executive branch. The syllabus is designed and tailored to educate an audience who has no previous knowledge of the subject. The various topics covered are General Navigation,Chart Work, Rules of the Road (ROR), Astro Navigation, Watchkeeping duties, Ship Handling and Rule of Thumb. In General Navigation thecadets learn how to navigate a ship in harbour and at sea. In Chart Work, basic working level knowledge of nautical charts is impartedto the cadets. Rules of the Road guide the cadets about mandatory traffic rules followed at sea. Astro Navigation teaches the cadet, the traditional and age old ways, to navigate at sea using the stars,planets, sun and moon. Watchkeeping duties sharpens the skills of cadets to be an OOW (Officer of the Watch) at sea and OOD (Officer of the Day) in harbour. The training in Ship Handling provides the cadets with the skills to manoeuvre different types of ships at sea under various conditions. Practical training in ship handling and ROR is provided utilising two state of the art OOW/ROR simulators that provide an audio visual experience of being on the bridge of a ship.


Communication pool teaches the various naval methods of communication including knowledge  of the electromagnetic spectrum, various frequency bands, Naval Signal drafting and  procedures for manoeuvring at sea . Since times immemorial, the Navies of the world have been known for their rich traditions and ceremonials which are also taught as part of this pool. The cadets also learn about naval organisation at various levels.
Leadership and Divisional Duties

Leadership and Divisional Duties pool teaches Leadership, Divisional duties, Service writing, Naval History and service etiquettes. Leadership deals with the scientific approach towards military leadership and motivation. Divisional duties include pay and allowances, promotions, leave regulation etc. Naval History teaches about the history of Navy which dates back to era of ancient times to the formation of present Indian Navy. Social grace and etiquette form the back bone of armed force and is of paramount importance. It transforms a cadet into an Officer and a Gentlemen.