Physical Training

Physical training department at INA provides extensive training to all cadets in Swimming, all Sports and Gymnastics.

INA PT Tables

In recent years several highly effective modern methods of body weight training involving a large variety of specifically designed exercises have evolved. One of the most successful methods is of split training, where in one portion of the body is focused upon at a time, thereby targeting particular muscle groups and shifting of the other muscle group in next workout session which is optimum for building strength and muscle recovery. This body weight split training has a large store of exercises starting from the very basic level to highly advanced levels, without involving any gym equipment except beams, bars and ropes. At the INA variety of these exercises have been selected and incorporated in a systematic and gradual manner in three different kinds of tables separately targeting the upper body, Abdominals and the lower body.

Inter Academy Championship

Inter academy championship namely, Bakshi Cup and Sabhiki Cup are conducted in rotation basis amongst the four academies. These championships share experience and knowledge for overall development of training being imparted to cadets of all three services and develop a fighting spirit.

Friendly matches is organised for Academy Teams to give exposure for the cadets to play with district/university teams as part of preparation to compete with counterparts of other academies like NDA, IMA, OTA and AFA during Inter Academy championships.