The Seamanship is way of life onboard a ship at sea.  As an officer of Navy he/ she must be a good Seaman so as to conduct and oversee all seamanship evolutions in safe and professional manner. The attributes needed to achieve these evolutions professionally and without incident requires knowledge, competence, attention to detail, above all a good Seaman’s Eye.The Indian Navy demands highest professional standards from officers and ratings.  To underpin the primer standards of seamanship and requirements of today’s modern Navy the Indian Naval Academy, has been successfully teaching the cadets from past five decades from basics to complex seamanship procedures.The quality seamanship infrastructure at INA includes three 30 ft ships models, minor ship models and various other seamanship equipment.
The Seamanship Instructors at the Academy tirelessly put in their best efforts on each and every cadet to achieve required standards of seamanship. The cadets’ seamanship knowledge is put to test while undergoing Camps by conduct of various exercises like rigging of rope-ways across a riverine, rigging of swinging derricks, bends and hitches, making of drum-and-timber rafts and navigating the raft in Kavvayi backwaters using punting poles.  All these exercises are conducted in very stressful conditions which demands basic knowledge of seamanship. At end of the training at the Academy every cadet achieves basic knowledge in all aspects of seamanship so as to evolve in to a complete mariner and take charge of various challengers at sea.