Support Organisations


      'Even tough guys need first aid'. With an aim of providing premier medical services, INHS Navjivani was established at the Indian Naval Academy. The medical services at the Indian Naval Academy are of world class standards and their round the clock service goes a long way in ensuring quality medical treatment. The hospital staff consists of Medical officers and nursing staff from Military Nursing Services. Promising to provide best medical assistance at all times, INHS Navjivani aims at quality in service and excellence in care. 
The hospital has different departments like Surgical, Dental, Gynaecology, Radiology, Diathermy centre etc. At INHS Navjivani the staff provides premier technology, facilities and patient care in a friendly manner. They endeavor to create a culture of continuous improvement to deliver a level of service excellence which is founded on the pride, dedication, and identity of every staff member serving in the Hospital. At different events conducted in INA the medical service team is always ready to tackle any situation and provide assistance to the concerned cadets. As safety precautions regular seminars on health and health care are conducted which in turn help cadets to face problems themselves and act accordingly in times of crisis.




      INS Zamorin is the Station Headquarters which provides Administrative and Logistics support to INA, INHS Navjivani (Hospital), PMA (NAVAC) and MES (Ezhimala). It looks after the Seaward defense and security of the Station. Maintenance and management of Estate spread over 2540 acres with 22 km perimeter. It provides Communication Support to the complete station. The clothing support to all cadets and sailors are done by the station. INS Zamorin supervises all the three schools namely Navy Children School, Naval KG and Kendriya Vidyalaya. It provisions basic amenities to the station like accommodation of all Officers, Sailors and defense civilians and upkeep of Residential area. The Station also manages a Unit Run Canteen – CSD. Few  other facilities looked after by INS Zamorin are the Station Gas Agency, Petrol Pump, Ayurvedic Clinic and Station Restaurant.




      Established by the Indian Navy on 28 August 1982, as a novel, unique and efficient concept to steer the Naval Academy Project, Project Management Authority (PMA NAVAC) is the oldest naval organisation at Ezhimala.  It has the mandate and the responsibility for the initial set-up and subsequent augmentation of the INA at Ezhimala.  Since then, the organisation with various PD/DG NAVACs at the helm, has been steering the project in close coordination with multifarious stakeholders, such as the GoI/MoD, E-in-C’s Branch, local Military Engineering Services authorities, consultants and the firms executing the works.   Currently, the PMA NAVAC is steering the crucial augmentation of infrastructure under Phase II of the Naval Academy Project to enhance facilities for augmented strength of 1200 trainees.

A comparison of Phase I and Phase II facilities as sanctioned by the Government of India is as follows:-


Sanction by CCS Status/ Completion of Phase II Works
Phase I
(Completed in
Oct 2019)
Phase II
(Sanctioned     in
1995    and  last
revised in 2013)
(Sanctioned in 2011)  
Strength of Cadets    750 450 -
Squadrons    5 3 Mar 2022
Cadet Mess Expansion 900 Expansion to enhance total capacity from 900 to 1500 Dec 2020
 Class/Multimedia      Rooms 40 Combined facility of Multimedia Rooms (06), Faculty Room (02) and Lecture Hall (02)  
Jan 2022
 Faculty Rooms 18
 Lecture Halls 1
  PT Complex Sports Facilities
(a) Football Fields 4 4 Completed in Aug 2019
(b) Hockey Fields 4 4
(c) Basketball Courts 5 8 Apr 2021
(d) Volleyball Courts 4 8
(e) Badminton Courts 8 - -
(f) Tennis Courts 8 - -
(g) Squash Courts 4 - -
 Gymnasium Nil Integrated Swimming Pool Complex
Mar 2022
 Swimming Pool 1
 Cafeteria   &    ECA Complex 1
 Boat Shed,   Ramp,
Jetty etc.
1 + 175 Boats 1 + 44 Boats Consultancy Stage
 Laundry 1 1 Completed in Jan 2016
 MT Infrastructure 74 Vehicle 36 Vehicle    Completed in Mar 2017
 Single Accommodation
 (a) Officers 50 13 Jan 2021
 (b) Sailors 254 61 Dec 2021
 Married Accommodation
 (a) Officers 142 26 Mar 2022
 (b) Sailors 256 94
 (c) Civilian Officers 64 -
 (d) Other Civilians 460 68
 Zamorin     Admin  Building Nil 1 Commissioned on 26 Jan 2019
INHS Navjivani 60 Bedded hospital 60+17 bedded hospital Sep 2020


          Phase II is likely to be completed by Dec 2022. Requirements for additional infrastructure for further enhancement of trainees strength from 1200, will be reviewed by IHQ MoD(N) in 2022