Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala organised two concurrent novices training camps named ‘Rookie’ and ‘Barracuda’ for Naval Orientation Course(NOC) and IInd term INAC (B-Tech) cadets from 05 – 08 October 2016.
326 cadets including 24 women and three International Naval cadets from friendly foreign countries participated in these camps spread over four days. The camp was aimed to develop physical endurance, mental hardiness, dedication, more importantly camaraderie and team spirit in cadets under stressful environment.
All cadets including women, as part of the exercises undertook endurance runs, land navigation exercises, obstacle course, small arms firing, tent pitching, whaler rigging, whaler sailing and raft punting in Kavvayi backwaters. The cadets as part of Camp ‘Rookie’ and ‘Barracuda’ were divided into groups and competed enthusiastically and vigorously for the coveted Camp banner.   
On the concluding day of the exhausting four days camp, the cadets participated in a highly challenging triathlon where the trainees had to participate in a difficult multi terrain run of over 10 kilometers in full battle gear followed by an obstacle course run and swimming.
The four day camp culminated with a camp fire at INA. Daredevil squadron won the camp banners for both camp ‘Rookie’ and ‘Barracuda’. Rear Admiral MD Suresh, NM, Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor, INA in his address to the cadets during the camp fire highlighted the cadet’s ability to perform beyond each’s perceived physical and mental limits and stressed on the value of military ethos in the present scenario. He directed each cadet to uphold the standards of personal courage, integrity, honour and stay committed to the INA’s Honour Code.