Cheetah Squadron emerge victorious with a 12 - 05 win against Eagle Squadron, during the finals of Inter Squadron Water Polo Championship Spring Term 2017 held at Indian Naval Academy (INA). The fiercely fought game saw players from both the team jockeying for position and wrestling vigorously for an advantage over their opponent below the waterline.
Squadron Cadet Adjutant Mohit Dadharwal scored within five minutes to give the Cheetah Squadron the much required lead in the match. Eagle Squadron later successfully wrestled past Cheetah Squadron's defense and scored subsequent goals in the game. At halftime, the teams switched sides and Cheetah Squadron started the second half by scoring first.
Cheetah Squadron continued their dominance throughout the match and won the trophy with a final score of 12 - 05. Vice Admiral SV Bhokare, AVSM, YSM, NM, Commandant, INA awarded the Championship Trophy to Cheetah Squadron. The Cadets of Cheetah Squadron cheered and celebrated as they lifted the prestigious Inter Squadron Water Polo Championship Spring Term 2017.