A delegation comprising Lieutenant Gabrielle Dobson and three Midshipmen of Royal Australian Navy (RAN) visited Indian Naval Academy (INA) from 24 to 30 July 2018.
The visit was aimed at reinforcing the robust professional relationship between the two navies and to exchange best training practices. The delegation visited the various training facilities, interacted with Instructors and trainees and was given general insight on the ab- initio training methods of the Indian Navy.
The RAN Midshipmen were given ample opportunities to not only understand the functionality of INA, but also form bonds of friendship with the INA Cadets. To achieve this, the visiting Mids were accommodated in the cadets accommodation, they dined in the Cadets Mess and also attended instructional classes in the company of their INA counterparts. The delegation also experienced the rich culture of the Malabar region through visits to places of historical and cultural significance in and around INA.
Naval cooperation between India and Australia has been traditionally strong, and includes operational interactions, training visits, port calls, participation in competitive annual sailing regatta (Admirals Cup) at INA along with capacity building and capability augmentation initiatives. In the eighth edition of ‘Admirals Cup’ Sailing Regatta held at Indian Naval Academy, 'Team Australia' was represented by two Sub Lieutanants and came third in the overall team position.
The visit of RAN delegation was a mutually satisfying and enriching experience for the young officers of both Navies and reaffirmed the universal truth that Oceans Unite All Nations. The Royal Australian Navy delegation departed INA on 30 July 2018.