#ShapingFutureNavalLeadership - Training camps for IV and VII term cadets of Indian Naval Academy (INA), ‘Samudramanthan’ and ‘Varuna’, were conducted from 08 to 11 September 2021 whilst adhering to all COVID 19 protocols. A total of 173 cadets participated in cohort groups during the camps which are aimed at developing esprit-de-corps, camaraderie and leadership qualities, whilst testing physical endurance and mental strength of the cadets. The camp activities comprised of endurance runs, small arms firing, construction of rafts and punting, obstacle courses, whaler pulling, rowing and bunker building exercise along with other seamanship evolutions. On the last day, the cadets also participated in a highly challenging quadrathlon comprising a 25/18 km run in full battle gear, swimming 1000/500 meters, obstacle course and weapon firing. The four day camp culminated with a Camp Fire. Fighter Squadron and Braveheart Squadron won the Camp Banner for Camp ‘Samudramanthan’ and Camp ‘Varuna’ respectively for Autumn Term 2021. Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi, AVSM, NM, Commandant, INA awarded the camp banners to the winning squadrons.