Outdoor camps -Varuna and Samudramanthan

An officer in the Indian Navy will at times find himself/herself in an environment that is both physically and mentally stressful. Even in this environment, he is to lead the men and take effective action. The concept of camps is to periodically subject cadets to such an environment. The camps at INA are an amalgamation of various seamanship evolutions meant to test the cadets' knowledge and resolve in stressful conditions and thus are a true and comprehensive reflection of the ‘applied’ Navy specific subjects.

The Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala, organized two concurrent training camps named ‘Samudra-Manthan’ and ‘Varuna’, for the IVth and VIIth term cadets respectively. The camps aimed at inculcating qualities of leadership, camaraderie and team spirit under severe physical and mental duress on the trainees.

Over 200 trainees of the Academy participated in these camps spread over four days from 09 Sep 15. The exercises undertaken by the trainees involved crossing water obstacle course, endurance marches/runs, seamanship activities, and whaler rowing & sailing in backwaters and the high seas with very limited sleep and rest. Camps ‘Samudra-Manthan’ is aimed at testing the trainees to the limits of their physical and mental endurance.

Camp Varuna, attended by seventh term cadets, was a combination of nautical and terrestrial camps, focused on developing whaler rowing, ocean sailing skills, endurance runs and imbibing the values of camaraderie, course spirit and spirit of competitiveness amongst the senior term trainees, which is so important for future naval officers. As part of camp Varuna, the cadets rowed from INA to Madakara in the Kavvayi backwaters and thence they, continued sailing in the Arabian Sea off Madakara harbour. In the final leg they rowed back to INA.